It has antibacterial property

Our products

Strong Composite Coatings

Our products

Paint and Maintenance Free
Looking at the desired color and wood Recoverable

Our products




Product of Kompzitpark deck has high definition, with many patterns and models are designed with  a durable high-tech, it is based on more than ten years on the market

Nature friendly

Our products made it plastic packing, wood, crosscut saw that they recyling 90. dont fell tries, mow rainforests


İf you are someone who easily with soap and water to clean, and the clear surface that protects our signature sanding, polishing and do not want to have high functional outer coating can be removed easily washable paint ever day.


Pool sides, patios and living areas, restaurant and cafe terrace, park and garden benches, prefabricated buildings, buildings facades and in many habitats

Why ChoiceDek®?

Durable – the only decking product that can be installed on or in the ground or underwater
Affordable – a value product, smartly priced
Reliable- backed by a 25-year warranty
Simple – easy to order, easy to install, easy to clean
Green – 95% recycled material, promotes a natural weathering process
Workable – can be ripped, routed or bent to fit any deck design
Available – in Lowe’s stores in a variety of colors and with a matching railing system

Find the pleasure and comfort of wood in your outdoors as well as inside the home.

The outside decoration of the ground, which is produced from the water resistant wood and impregnated wood species, DECK brand of materials used


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